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Preferred File Formats

We prefer original artwork in the format it was created in.

Original artwork is the most versatile, and can be manipulated or resized easily to suit your project. If your artwork was originally created in Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator, please remember to also submit any fonts or images contained within the artwork.

AI and EPS Format

As a second choice, AI or EPS file formats are preferred. These formats often contain line-work that can be converted into vectors for cutting decals into various shapes. These formats are also fully scalable, so they can be enlarged to a suitable size for your project without loosing integrity.

If you have the option to save or export a file as AI or EPS format, be sure to convert any text to curves.


If you can obtain neither the original artwork, nor AI or EPS format, please find the highest quality bitmap image available. Bitmaps are commonly BMP, JPG, GIFF or TIFF format.

Remember that bitmap images contain pixels and there are limits to how much they can be enlarged. Unless a bitmap is of very high resolution and file size, it generally won't be suitable for use on vehicles or large digital panels.

In summary, send us the best artwork you can find. We will be happy to evaluate it and let you know if it is suitable for your project.

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